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Florida Physicians Insurance Company

FPIC, Florida's Physicians Insurance Company is a leading provider of claims made professional liability insurance for physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers in Florida, Georgia, and Arkansas.FPIC Insurance Group, Inc., through its subsidiary companies, is a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers, and a provider of insurance management services to other insurance carriers.
At FPIC, they are dedicated to building long term value for their shareholders, while offering value to their policyholders and customers through competitive products and responsive service.FPIC, through its New York subsidiary Administrators for the Professions, Inc, provides management services for Physicians Reciprocal Insurers, the second largest medical professional liability insurer for physicians in the state of New York. PRI offers coverage for physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, dentists, hospitals and healthcare facilities in New York State.
Through their insurance underwriting and insurance management operations, they operate in the medical professional liability, MPL insurance sector, both as an insurance carrier and as a provider of comprehensive management services to other insurance carriers.
In FPIC insurance underwriting operations, each policyholder is reevaluated annually upon renewal, and new policyholders must meet strict underwriting criteria to be insured. They only offer claims made policies to individual physicians and physician groups, which allows for more accurate and timely pricing and estimates of underwriting risk.
FPIC’s insurance underwriting subsidiaries, First Professionals Insurance Company, Inc., Anesthesiologists Professional Assurance Company and Interned Insurance Company, have a very good group rating from A.M. Best Company. FPIC insurance management operations provide management services to other insurance carriers not owned by FPIC, for which they earn fee income. The primary customer of their insurance management operations is Physicians Reciprocal Insurers, or PRI, which is owned by and operated for the benefit of its policyholders.

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