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DPIC, Design Professionals Insurance Company was one of the premier specialty insurance companies in the United States they deliver innovative products, employ talented people and leverage technology to meet the needs of their customers and their businesses.

This is a specialty insurance company celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2005. Theirs is a diversified portfolio of property and casualty coverage and surety bonds serving niche or underserved markets. DPIC operate in all 50 states from 18 office locations. Their talented associates have delivered underwriting profits in 24 of the last 28 years, including the last nine.

DPIC provide customers with outstanding service through innovative risk management products and solutions. DPIC are dedicated to carefully chosen niche markets. They attract outstanding talent and continuously develop their expertise. DPIC constantly re evaluates, enhance, and reinvigorate their business model to create new products, services and delivery systems. They create long term shareholder value by pursuing profitable growth, underwriting for a profit, and earning returns that significantly exceed their cost of capital. DPIC coverage solve many business insurance needs as well as offers specialized personal insurance coverage for unique needs.

As a leading provider of specialized insurance and financial services, the firm is focused on building and managing a portfolio of innovative products and solutions that meet and surpass the expectations of shareholders. Their goal is to provide you with the most current financial and corporate information available anywhere, any time. As the leading specialty insurance organization in the United States, DPIC exceeds expectations through innovative products, services and people.

The Corporation has always believed that good corporate governance plays a crucial role in achieving business success. Their board of directors has adhered to best practices in corporate governance in the fulfillment of its responsibilities to shareholders as well as to oversee the work of management and the company's business results. DPIC are committed to continuing sound corporate governance.

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