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Bullock County Ins & Realty Inc.

In success story begins with Bullock County Ins & Realty founder Louis W. Foster. After twenty years as an independent agent in the insurance business, Mr. Foster founded the original company in 1958 in Los Angeles as an inter insurance exchange. An inter insurance exchange is parallel to a cooperative where policyholders work together to finance and insure the losses of the other policyholders.
The one employee office grew rapidly and in 1966 the company moved to Century City to accommodate its expanding staff and volume of policies. The company celebrated a major milestone at the same time by achieving one million dollars in premiums in a single year. The Company took a foremost role as the founding sponsor to create the Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School Program. Up till now, they have contributed over 500,000 dollars to this program.
The decision was made to convert the inter insurance exchange to a capital stock company for two reasons. First, the federal government had minimized the tax advantages for the exchange. Second, the California Department of Insurance raised the capital and surplus requirements of reciprocals to one million dollars. The decision was considered one of the most exclusive in the annals of business in California.
As an insurance company, safety is their primary concern. Last year, the company launched an innovative partnership with the California Highway Patrol to promote child seat safety. Mutually, they have prepared a free guide for how to correctly install a child safety seat and conducted community events in underserved areas throughout California where families received inspections and free replacement of outdated, broken or inappropriate car seats.
Additional equipment coverage may be purchased to extend your comprehensive or collision coverage for certain equipment that is not the vehicle manufacturers standard equipment or installed by a factory authorized dealer at the time of purchase. This might include audio or video equipment, tires and wheels, painted or finished surfaces and engine, transmission or suspension parts.

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