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Topa Insurance Company

Topa Insurance Company's predecessor, Universal Security Insurance Company, received its Charter in the State of California on March 23, 1981. The Company was originally owned by Sperry and Hutchinson and subsequently was merged into Baldwin United Corporation. On December 31, 1984, the Company was acquired by John E. Anderson and it became part of his billion dollar Topa Equities Ltd. business. The name was changed to Topa Insurance Company. Topa Equities Ltd. is a privately held, diversified, conglomerate with business interests in automobile dealerships, beer and beverage distribution, real estate, property management, consumer finance and insurance with extensive operations in California, Nevada, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
They offer product such as Home and Dwelling Fire Programs, Comprehensive Personal Liability and Automobile Excess Liability, Commercial Property Basic, Broad and Special Form and Excess Property. They will consider excess property coverage
In excess of primary policies written by Admitted companies rated  better, and Selected non admitted companies.
Topa Insurance Company provides varies Programs. They currently write property, casualty including professional liability and package. They are not interested in workers compensation or medical malpractice. They prefer specialty business, but avoid catastrophe lines such as California earthquake or Gulf Coast windstorm. They prefer to seek targeted classes that will be profitable rather than compete for commodity business. They must understand the exposure, be able to price the exposure adequately and be able to service the business.
They will give preference to programs that come with reinsurance. Their preferred territory is the west, and particularly California. Topa Insurance Company also does business in several other states . As a regional company, they are not able to underwrite nationwide programs. They require that all program producers have the ability to issue policies and transmit policy data electronically. 

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