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FHM Insurance Company

Founded in 1954, FHM Insurance Company, Inc. is Florida's most experienced workers' compensation company. Dedicated to a philosophy of a policy to do more, FHM leads the industry with cutting-edge cost containment, loss, fraud and safety programs that keep claims cost down, premiums affordable and ensure workers receive proper care. February 2004 marked FHM's 50th year of delivering workers' compensation insurance to businesses in Florida.
FHM is in the forefront of being totally committed to saving policyholders more on submitted medical provider charges. In 1999, FHM reduced medical costs by 46.5 percent and consistently lowers medical claims cost by an average of over 40 percent every year. By generating lower claims expenses in a given year, FHM is able to help clients lower their experience modifiers and therefore premium costs for the next three years.
The most cost effective way to keep premiums low is to prevent workplace accidents in the first place. But to do so takes ongoing, professional programs that reduce accident exposure, educate workers and provide incentives for employees to always put safety first. To make sure your company is making the most of the safety techniques available today; FHM provides an initial assessment of your current Loss Control program, complete with suggestions for other proven accident prevention and cost reduction tools.
Quality of care is the primary goal of FHM's total care management. No insurer does more to ensure your employees' recovery and return to work. Increases quality using a total care management concept in treating workers' compensation injuries reduces medical costs through negotiated discounts with the medical providers by managing the medical treatment utilized and reduces medical claim and expense payout by eliminating unnecessary costs through the development of effective return to work plans.

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