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  Home > Property Insurance Coverage > Home Owners Insurance > serves its customers by seamlessly connecting agents with many insurance companies for processing insurance accounts. The Company is based in Charlotte, NC and is wholly owned by The Hartford. Agents have been waiting for a Single Entry Multiple Carrier Interface solution for over 20 years to provide efficiencies to their process of obtaining multiple carrier quotations.

Independent agent’s main value proposition to their customer is offering competitive quotes from multiple insurance companies. Currently, Insurance companies provide agents access to products through proprietary rating systems or via rating manuals. The agent must predetermine the insurance companies to rate, input the same data multiple times into different insurance company rating applications and know the differences in the pre-packaged coverage’s.
A recent Conning & Company report states, A type of SEMCI will reportedly become a minimum standard for insurers and independent agents. The SEMCI business process is inevitable in the insurance industry and the technologies that quickly provide viable SEMCI solutions will succeed in this market. CoverageCorp has developed a suit of applications that allow their partners to leverage Microsoft's .Net technology to streamline their business with their multi carrier underwriting, quoting and issuance solution.

By utilizing rules based underwriting decisions, agent efficiency in quoting multiple insurance carriers is increased and carrier growth and visibility is increased within agencies CoverageCorp ensures successful delivery of the commitments made by instituting sound project management methodologies as established by the project management institute. The company serves to provide a single point of contact during integration, developing a customer project plan, statement of work creation, deployment resource management, managing acc ps resources; software, training, and integration, project risk and change control management, to provide feedback through status to all stake holders, project budget control and performing lessons learned. 
The Company provides the insurance industry with a real time single entry multiple carrier underwriting and quoting interface that increases efficiency and provides business growth opportunities to Independent agents and Insurance Companies.

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