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Church Insurance Company

Insurance is a way to manage risk by providing you with the support to face financial losses due to a tragedy or accident. It involves paying a premium according to the property subjected of insurance and the type of protection you want to give it among other aspects. Individual clergy lay workers, and their families, and Parishes, dioceses and other Episcopal Church institutions, through the provision of pensions and other benefits and services that will contribute to their lifetime economic, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Church Insurance Company provides comprehensive pension plans like life insurance, disability insurance, health benefits, retirement savings plans, retirement and life planning conferences, prayer books, hymnals, literary works and software, property and casualty, liability, and other insurance products specifically tailored to the needs of parishes, dioceses and other church institutions. They also provide life insurance, disability, lay pension, and savings plans.

Their products and services are designed specifically for those who serve the Episcopal Church which include life insurance, short term disability insurance, long term disability insurance and long term care insurance and tax-sheltered annuities and retirement savings plans for individuals only and lay employee pension plans for groups only.

They also offer long term care insurance for individual purchase. Their products are administered by staff familiar with the unique needs of those who serve the church. They are an integral part of financial planning for many whose lives are interwoven with the church. 
Over the years, the firm has earned a solid reputation, with an established tradition of trust. Their agents are insurance professionals who recognize that personal service is the key to meeting individual and business concerns. They are a company committed to providing high quality insurance products and outstanding customer service to their policyholders, claimants and agents that represent them.

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