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Permanent General Companies.

Owning a car has become a necessity of life, that's why Permanent General has dedicated itself to providing the insurance needs of thousands. They currently issue policies in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.
Permanent General specializes in nonstandard or specialty auto insurance, which is auto insurance for people who are new, or relatively new, to the auto insurance market, or who have been dropped by their former insurance carrier because they received speeding citations, were involved in one or more automobile accidents, received D.U.I. convictions, allowed their coverage to lapse or for similar circumstances. They offer quality coverage for practically any driver and not just for those with problems so you can still find a good price for your auto insurance needs.
They realize that you have other things you want to spend your money on. Therefore, it is their goal to offer low down payment options to every policyholder coupled with convenient monthly payments plans if you so choose. In most cases they combine their budget-sensitive payment plans with electronic verification of driver information and vehicle information when the customer is buying the policy so there are no surprises down the road. They also now offer payment by credit card or check online.
Their policy and claims service organizations are focused on serving the customer to complete the recipe for success. Many questions and needs can now also be resolved online.They are a company committed to providing high quality insurance products and outstanding customer service to their policyholders, claimants and agents that represent them. They know their mission and business strategy and are committed to the long term success of the organization and the financial protection of their policyholders. They possess the core competencies needed to perform their jobs and they continuously improve and learn. They are focused on the future as well as the present. They consider how their actions today will impact the organization and their customers of tomorrow.

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