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Pennsylvania Millers Mutual Insurance Company.

On January 10, 1887 in Huntington, Pennsylvania, 57 mill owners found it difficult to purchase insurance at an affordable price. The insurance companies of the day refused to write insurance on gristmills because they were dangerous and risky to insure.
The philosophy behind Pennsylvania Millers was to offer the best possible insurance coverage for 57 mill owners at the lowest possible cost. The original mill owners found that by a policy of careful selection, strict underwriting, regular inspection and engineering each risk losses could be reduced and rates kept low.
Pennsylvania Millers Mutual Insurance Company mission statement is Provide security for all of their customers, Deliver quality service that is prompt, caring, and helpful, Build relationships that encourage communication and teamwork, based upon trust and respect, Adhere to the highest standards of professional, technical, and ethical performance, Create a culture of ownership through empowerment, initiative, and achievement of their highest potential, Sustain profitable corporate growth through strategic planning and execution, market adaptation, and responsible use of their assets.
Pennsylvania Millers Mutual Insurance Company Vision Statement is The Penn Millers Group will employ the best people to become an acknowledged leader in their target markets. Their Agribusiness Solution program offers replacement cost protection for your buildings, business personal property and your assets. 

The character of the firm is demonstrated by the daily actions of their employees and agents. They deal honestly, fairly, and openly with customers, associates, and employees. They believe in developing trust and honor as cornerstones of their business relations. They pledge to respect the dignity of each individual and treat all persons impacted by their actions and decisions with fairness and honesty. Their organization exists to serve others. If they do not serve, they have no reason for being. Service opportunities are continuously identified, developed, and implemented. They believe in doing things right and doing them well. They have high standards for performance, and they believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence. They want everyone to feel secure in his or her business relationship with them. They encourage long-term relationships.

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