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USAIG is a global leader in aviation and aerospace insurance. While the names are similar, the United States Aircraft Insurance Group and United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc. are actually two separate and distinct organizations. Their working relationship is such, however, that the two names are often used interchangeably. USAIG is neither a single insurance company nor a corporation; it is a group, or pool, of individual insurance companies which collectively functions as a worldwide insurance market for all types of aviation and aerospace accounts.

The actual underwriting of these accounts is done by USAU, which manages USAIG and is responsible for selecting business , specifying rates, binding coverages, issuing policies, arranging reinsurance, collecting premiums and settling claims on USAIG's behalf. Aviation insurance for individuals and companies domiciled in Canada is provided by the Canadian Aircraft Insurance Group. The CAIG was founded in 1937 and is managed by Canadian Aviation Insurance Managers, Ltd.
USAIG is proud to have contributed to this development by providing the insurance programs needed to bring many of these projects to fruition. Manufacture and special risk, this type of insurance is designed to protect manufacturers of aviation and aerospace products like airframes, engines, avionics and other components against claims resulting from an accident caused by faulty design or workmanship. The coverage also benefits providers of certain aviation services such as maintenance and repair facilities. Underwriters with technical knowledge of products in the aviation industry work closely with manufacturers and service providers to identify and evaluate exposure and rate the risk potential for a product.
The mission is to remain the best aviation and aerospace underwriting organization in the world. This means continuously improving existing products, services and capabilities to meet the challenges of a dynamic business environment, as well as providing new and innovative types of coverage to meet the needs of their customers worldwide. These activities shall be marked by integrity and professionalism.

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