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Triangle Companies

Triangle Insurance Company is one of only a few cooperatively owned insurance companies in the world.  A subsidiary of Triangle Cooperative Service Company, a regional agri business service provider, Triangle Insurance Company was formed in 1992.  The company was born out of need from the local cooperative members of TCSC. 
An insurance company, whose target market is agri-business and whose time and effort is spent entirely on helping agri businesses succeed, is indeed a rare commodity.  The entrance of the insurance company into the regions in which it operates has helped all agri-businesses by introducing a competitive environment to the specialized market of agri-business insurance.  Triangle Insurance Company’s management team has an average of 20 years experience in agri-business and insurance.  The specialized staff and middle management is also highly experienced and dedicated to the agri business marketplace.

They are a regional insurance and member services cooperative, founded in 1916 by local agricultural cooperatives in Oklahoma.  In the beginning, they were known as Farmers Cooperative Grain Dealers Association of Oklahoma, Inc.  Their purpose was to locate railcars for their member's during harvest and provide year round accounting services.  They began providing insurance products and bonds to their members in 1932 through Triangle Insurance Agency.

In 1992, the Triangle Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Triangle Cooperative Service Company, was chartered. This decision was made to allow their member cooperatives the opportunity to share in the financial success and direction of the insurance operation, and to provide long term insurance market stability.

With this consolidation, the Producers Exchange agency became the Triangle Agency of Texas, Inc. In 1998, the Southern Farmers Insurance Agency of North Little Rock, Arkansas was purchased and renamed the Triangle Insurance Agency to allow future growth into additional Southern States.

The services offered through the business consulting program include budgets , feasibility studies , departmental studies , board planning sessions , staff planning sessions , merger studies and analysis , financial and operational studies, employee training programs, employee placement assistance , manager succession planning etc. the triangle companies maintains a growing safety, customer service and employee motivational video training library. This is an excellent way to improve the habits of your employees.

The mission of the triangle companies is to serve their member cooperatives by supporting their success through the member services and insurance products offered by their affiliated companies.

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