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GNY Insurance Companies

GNY Insurance Companies are leading underwriters of Commercial multi peril and workers' compensation products in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions of the country. They are a niche underwriter of habitational, light industrial, office building and restaurant risks. GNY's strength and focus are reflected in their A.M. Best policyholder rating of A plus. Their superior capitalization comfortably supports their A plus rating and enables them to deliver to their customer’s services of the highest quality.
In the year 1907, 150 owners of tenement houses on the East Side of the City of New York formed a trade association to safeguard their interests which they named Greater New York Taxpayers Association. They were for the most part men of modest means, artisans, shopkeepers, small entrepreneurs with a scattering of professional people. The descendants of many of them are prominent today in the real estate industry in this city and nation.
They serve experienced underwriters who are knowledgeable in the territories, a stable, consistent market for multiple location risks with unlimited property coverage’s, quality loss control as well as outstanding claims and legal services which minimize loss costs, competitive across the board from medium to major accounts, customized products to fit the needs of their insured, competitive dividend plans for workers' compensation risks.

They are a company committed in providing high quality outstanding customer service to their customers. They know their mission and business strategy and are committed to the long term success of the organization and the financial protection. They possess the core competencies needed to perform their jobs and they continuously improve and learn. They are focused on the future as well as the present. They consider how their actions today will impact the organization and their customers of tomorrow.

They are self directed and take the initiative to make meaningful contributions to the organization and take responsibility for their actions and career development. They have the skills, experience and ability to adapt to changing job demands, corporate priorities and customer expectations. On behalf of all employees, they look forward to serving your personal insurance needs with a personal touch.

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