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Georgia Underwriting Association

The purpose of the Georgia Underwriting Association is to provide property insurance to the citizens of Georgia and to encourage improvement and development of properties located in Georgia. The insurance industry holds an important place in society. The Company, as part of the insurance industry, provides peace of mind for thousands of individuals, families and businesses every day.
Home Owner Insurance is a policy that provides insurance potential against losses occurring to homes and their contents. It also includes losses of the home owner belongings and liability insurance against possible accidents at home. It is important that you consider, before signing the policy, the total amount of money you will need to rebuild your house. Then you can decide the cost of home owners insurance.
Along with those unimaginable times when natural disaster hits, they provide the means of recovery for people and communities in need. Beyond this essential mission of providing insurance for the citizens of Georgia, they work with their membership to fight arson, improve home safety and to reduce the loss of lives and property from natural disasters.
The Georgia Underwriting Association shares policyholder concerns about privacy. They understand policyholders want to know how they treat the personal information that they obtain from them or other sources in the course of providing insurance coverage.
Insurance is a way to manage risks by providing you with the support to face financial crises to a tragedy or accident. It involves a premium according to the property subjected of insurance and the type of protection you want to give it among other aspects. They care about their customers and recognize their reason for existence is to provide a product or service of value.

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