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North Pointe Insurance Company

North Pointe is a young and innovative company that targets niche markets with specialized needs. Approved as a property and casualty insurance company in Michigan in 1987, they have grown to become the state's largest writer of liquor liability. North Pointe has expanded its product line and operations into California, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. This is a direct result of their allegiance to both agencies and policyholders.

The management of North Pointe has adopted a strict and conservative set of principles regarding financial matters. They do not take risks when making investments. Virtually all of their investments are Grade A or better and are managed by the highest quality managers. This conservative approach has helped them realize and increase in capital and surplus every year since 1988.

North Pointe is the nation's largest insurer of Independent Bowling Centers. North Pointe continues to offer a comprehensive insurance program with coverages tailor made for the unique operations of bowling centers.

North Pointe Insurance Company offers a wide selection of quality insurance. They hope to help you by offering an outlet for homes, dwelling fire and vacant dwellings. Their Illinios, Indiana, and Iowa programs are designed to provide basic protection for owner occupied, rental and vacant 1, 2, 3 or 4 family brick or frame homes located in all protection classes. Their Florida homeowner program is designed to provide traditional coverage for your home, condominium, or rental property.

Their comprehensive commercial package includes property, general liability, and crime coverages. Immediate response to special requests or challenges, premium quotes returned within 24 hours, and direct access to management, when required, is just a few examples of North Pointe's commitment to agents and policyholders alike. Bowling centers, fraternal organizations, and sportsmen and conservation clubs are examples of their specialized lines of business.

In an effort to ensure continued, long term security for their policyholders, North Pointe has contracted with notable A plus rated reinsurance companies. Their rapport with these fine reinsurance companies, matched with their conservative investment philosophy, allows them to achieve their objective of providing secure financial stability. This stability, coupled with their intense desire to provide customer satisfaction, makes North Pointe an unmatched choice for insurance coverage.

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