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North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company

North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company is one of the forty five purely mutual insurance companies in the province of Ontario. Their company office is located in the town of Bright, Ontario.  North Blenheim is a community based company and is owned by the policyholders. The policyholders elect a board of directors to oversee the operation of the farm mutual.
North Blenheim has been serving Oxford and the surrounding counties since 1861, specializing in farm insurance. North Blenheim has expanded into insurance for your home, car, small business, church, store and buildings.
They are backed by a network of Mutual Insurance companies. They are affiliated with a large group of mutual insurance companies most of whom like them have been operating for over 100 years. As a group they are among the most financially secure insurers in the world and are one of the largest property insurers in Ontario.
They began operating over 100 years ago to meet the insurance needs of local farmers. Over the years they have grown and expanded their insurance lines to include home, auto and commercial packages. They are a Canadian company owned and run by their policyholders. Their board of directors is members of your community and is elected by their policyholders at their annual meeting. The board meets once a month to direct and guide the company.

North Blenheim Mutual Insurance is providing insurance on your house such as Comprehensive or Limited perils options, Swimming pools and fixed outdoor equipment, Trees, plants, patios, Includes removal of debris from insured loss, Optional guaranteed replacement cost and Separate Coverage for detached garages and sheds.

Home contents and personal property such as Comprehensive or Limited perils options, Extensions for property while away from your home and for students contents, Includes property of family members living in your home, Specialty coverage for jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, tools, musical instruments, electronic equipment and watercraft.

North Blenheim Mutual Insurance broad product range gives you the insurance coverage you need. Their roots are in providing farm insurance however they also offer a broad range of property and auto insurance just like most of the large insurers that meets the needs of their policyholders. They are also constantly expanding and improving on product line.

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