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Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company

Norfolk Mutual is a century old company committed to the principles of honesty and integrity. Their beliefs guide them in setting priorities and police to manage the company on a day to day basis. Long range planning and innovative technology have carried them into the new millennium. Norfolk Mutual is committed to provide its policy holders with the best services and insurance products available.

Norfolk Mutual offers a wide range of residential coverages to those that own a dwelling, personal property, watercraft or those requiring personal liability. The Company is providing services such as Residential insurance, Auto insurance, Farm insurance, and Commercial insurance. Residential insurance provides a service that protects you against loss or damage to your home, and property usually kept there, through such misfortunes as fire, windstorm or theft. It can also protect you from financial loss arising out of bodily injury to a third party and damage to a third party's property.

If you own personal property which would be expensive to replace, you need Residential Insurance. You can start with one individual item of value or a roomful of belongings which collectively are valuable. There is a Household Inventory Booklet available to assist persons in determining the value of insurance required.

Homeowners Packageis designed for owner occupied dwellings. This policy protects your dwelling, possessions and personal liability. One premium is paid for the overall coverage. Additional coverage for cottages, boats, outboard motors, jewellery and other valuables may be added for an additional cost. The first consideration in insuring your dwelling is to establish a proper replacement value. Their sales representatives can help you in establishing this value.

As a mutual they are owned by and responsible to their policy holders small enough to provide personal service yet large enough to provide extended coverage. They are a strong local company supported by membership in a nationwide multi million dollar network of Mutual insurance companies.

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