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Swiss Re

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1863, the Group employs a staff of 8 800 at more than 70 offices in over 30 countries. This global reach enables Swiss Re to offer its expertise and to service its clients throughout the world. Swiss Re's success is based on high quality risk assessment, a business which is highly diversified both by line of business and by geography, as they have a very strong capitalization.
Swiss Re is one of the leading global reinsures. They offer a wide range of traditional reinsurance products and related services, which are complemented by insurance based corporate finance solutions and supplementary services. Their core business segments include risk transfer, risk finance and asset management. Their financial strength receives excellent ratings from leading agencies. Swiss Re is a recognized expert in the field of risk and capital management. While their stated goal is not necessarily to be number one in terms of volume, they aspire to global leadership in terms of value for clients and shareholders, and professional development and opportunities for all their employees. Their employees are their most important assets.
Swiss Re offers a wide variety of reinsurance products and financial services solutions to manage capital and risk.Through its three core business functions namely products, client markets and financial services, Swiss Re offers a wide range of products for property and casualty, life and health reinsurance, in addition to financial services solutions to manage capital and risk. Their reinsurance products and services are complemented by their activities in financial services where they influence their knowledge and experience in capital management to benefit their clients. 

For Swiss Re, history is more than simply the number of years the company has been in existence. It is the 140 year old base upon which they build and shape their future every day. They see history as an important competitive advantage both in the present and in the future. On the one hand, their history is indicative of their long-standing partnerships with their clients, many of who have been doing business with us for decades, and, in some cases, for over a century. On the other hand, it represents the experience in which their expertise in risk management is rooted. Large risks, such as earthquakes, are characterized by long return periods of between thirty, fifty and a hundred years. When it comes to this kind of hazard, it pays to have expertise that is based on real experience.

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