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State Compensation Insurance Fund

The California State Fund is a non profit public enterprise fund that operates like a mutual insurance carrier. They provide California employers with workers compensation insurance protection at cost with no financial obligation to the public. State Fund adjusters, professional loss control representatives, industrial hygiene and ergonomics specialists are located in offices throughout the state. Their employees provide full services for employers and their injured workers and work to keep costs down. More than 250 employer associations offer coverage through State Fund. State Fund has become a model for the industry and other states by stressing stability, offering coverage at cost, and providing required benefits promptly and fairly. Today's emphasis on customized loss control services, medical cost management, and anti fraud efforts has found a ready audience among California employers looking to get the maximum value for their workers' compensation dollar.

At State Fund they value excellent customer service, highly skilled personnel, superior performance and organization and an open management style. These values help them to do well in their mission providing stable workers compensation coverage for California employers and their employees. Their customer services exist to serve their customers all the time. Their customers value the service they receive from the company. Their primary customers are their policyholders, their employees, and the brokers that serve them. Their management style is open communication throughout the organization.   They maintain a flat organization and open access to the executive committee. They remain committed to employee they fare and the Fund's success.
Their mission is to provide California employer with a permanent market for workers compensation, insurance protection at cost with no financial obligation to the public. Their goal is to set the standard for fair premium rates, financial integrity, excellence in customer service, and impartial treatment of injured workers. Assist employers in providing safe places to work. When a worker is injured, help restore that person to a useful place in the economy. Provide leadership by setting standards of excellence and stability in their industry.

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