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Florists Mutual Insurance Company

The company was founded in 1887 as the Florists  Hail Association of America. They have grown considerably since those early days. In well over a century in business, their focus on and dedication to the horticultural industry has never wavered. Headquartered in the greater metropolitan St. Louis area since the 1920s, the company has served customers nationwide as Florists Mutual Insurance Company. Florists Mutual became Hortica. The name change is symbolic of the company's expansion and the fact that they serve customers in every area of the horticultural industry.
Florists Mutual Insurance Company has exclusively served the horticultural industry since 1887. In addition to their traditional markets of wholesale and retail florists and greenhouse growers, they have over time, dramatically expanded their knowledge and expertise in other horticultural markets, particularly nurseries, garden centers and landscape contractors. They believe their new trade name more completely describes their commitment to the entire horticultural industry.
Florists Mutual Insurance Company is exclusively dedicated in providing the very highest quality insurance products and financial services to horticultural businesses. They are industry experts and because throughout their 116 year history they have served only horticultural businesses, they are uniquely qualified to serve their industry.
Florists Mutual Insurance Company is a mutual insurance company. As such, their policyholders own them. This makes them especially responsive to the needs of their customers. Their board of directors is made up entirely of horticultural industry professionals and leaders from throughout the United States. Their employees are horticultural insurance specialists with extensive business experience in the industry. In sales, claims, loss control and underwriting, knowledgeable and experienced insurance experts provide superior insurance products and the highest levels of customer service.

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