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Mutual of Enumclaw

In 1898 a group of Enumclaw, Washington residents got together to create the Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company. The articles of incorporation stated that the purpose of the organization was to insure farm and village buildings and personal property against loss by fire and lightening. Funding was provided by assessment of the members to restore property after catastrophic loss.
The company slowly expanded its insurance writings over the next 45 years. In 1943 extended coverage perils were added to the fire and lightening coverage previously provided. In 1947 the company began to write non farm properties. A year later casualty insurance was added to the portfolio of offerings putting Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company on an equal footing with other companies for the first time.
The Company protection provided your home including any attached structures, your garage or shop which is not attached to your house or not used for business purposes, your condominium, contents of your apartment or other rented dwelling property.
At the company they pride themselves on the services they provide and on keeping the promises they make when you purchase one of policies from your independent agent. Their claims adjusters are always ready when you need them. They provide fast and fair settlements after you have had a loss and help you get back on your feet again.
Insurance is a way to manage risks by providing you with the support to face financial crises to a tragedy or accident. It involves a premium according to the property subjected of insurance and the type of protection you want to give it among other aspects.

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