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Spring Valley Mutual

The Spring Valley Mutual Insurance Company was founded June 6, 1883 as The German American Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company. The original company had a total of 76 members with 47 of them being charter members in its first year of operation. The first Officers were C. Eckhoff, President; D. St John, Vice President; Wm. Kumm, Secretary; and August Lentz as secretary. After five years of successful operation the Board of Directors decided that the company should incorporate.

The company has had a variety of names thru the years. After several years of operation as the German American Mutual Insurance Company the was changed to Spring Valley Township Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company. When the company was started no policies were issued. The amounts of coverage were written in a ledger book and the company was operated from that book. There also were no annual premiums collected.

As farms grew larger and amounts of coverage increased, there were limits placed on the amount coverage that could be written on one risk. If a person wanted more coverage than that they would have to use two different companies. As this was quite inconvenient for the customer the company looked for a better way to provide coverage. In 1946 the company purchased its first reinsurance contract to enable it to insure larger risks. On April 5, 1948 the company entered into its first contract with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company.

Their services are quality coverage for your home, personal property and other structures, provides quality coverage for your home, personal property, service buildings and farm personal property, coverage for claims made against you for bodily injury or property damage from accidents or injuries occurring on premises, provides additional coverage for your unique or special personal property, provides quality coverage for your mobile home, personal property and other structures, provides coverage for your recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATVs, provides quality coverage for your personal property.

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