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Minnesota Surety And Trust Company

Minnesota Surety And Trust Company Based in Austin, Minnesota, is a privately owned independent trust and surety company that has been actively involved in the underwriting of surety bonds since 1965. The Company started out exclusively in Minnesota and has since branched out to North Dakota, Montana, Colorado and Utah and most recently in South Dakota.
The Company is on the United States Treasury list of approved surety companies with an underwriting capacity of 154,000.00 dollars and is rated very good by A. M. Best. They can accept larger risks up to 500,000.00 dollars plus by reinsuring the excess with their re insurer.
Their basic product is a surety bond kit containing a pad of pre executed probate, trustee bonds and a pad of pre executed judicial bonds. The Company is a full service surety company specializing in probate and judicial court bonds, as well as the underwriting of many other miscellaneous license and permit bonds. They offer same day service to their customers, who include attorneys and independent insurance agents.
They look forward to serving you and strive to provide competitive rates and efficient service. They offer the best advice available to enable one to save in connection with the probate of an estate. Their services include drawing or revising the will, periodic updating and executing the will in the event of death. By law, surety bonds are never required when they handle the estate.
They also handle pension, profit sharing and charitable trusts. A trust can be used for many purposes, including sheltering income for tax savings, providing for the distribution or protection of your assets in the event of a common disaster affecting you and your spouse and providing for the distribution of your estate outside of probate.

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