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South Carolina Wind & Hail Underwriters Association

SCWHUA the South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association is the residual property insurance market in South Carolina. It provides coverage for the perils of wind and hail in the coastal area of the state designated by the Legislature as Beach. The territory is defined by state law.
Though its official name is the South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association, it is frequently referred to as the Beach Plan or Wind Pool. It is an Association of insurance companies which makes wind and hail property insurance available to people and businesses in the coastal area who are not able to buy it through the standard insurance market.
The maximum limits are $1,000,000 for dwellings, mobile homes, and condo unit owner’s risks. For commercial risks, the maximum limits are $2.5 million and the maximum limits refer to the maximum coverage available for a given location including building, contents, and indirect loss coverage. South Carolina law requires that the Association's maximum limits be used prior to purchasing excess wind insurance.
The hurricane restriction was replaced on January 15, 1996 with a waiting period. The 15-day waiting period starts after the Association has received the completed application, photos, and full payment of premium. An additional deductible applies to the indirect coverages for personal lines risks; the deductible is based on policy limits. For commercial lines risks, the deductible is based on property value. Like these they also offer their clients all types of insurances and Claims for their benefit. 

IN 1971, the South Carolina Legislature required the insurance industry to make wind and hail insurance coverages available to home and business owners in the coastal area. This action was necessary because some residents and business owners were not capable to acquire wind and hail coverages due to close nearness to coastline. The Association has served as an incredible benefit for businesses and residents living in the beach region of the state.

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