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Seibels Bruce Group

1869, four years after Sherman’s troops had stormed through Georgia and the Carolinas, Edwin W. Seibels opened a small sales operation in the heart of Columbia’s fire ravaged business district. That small operation gave birth to The Seibels Bruce Group of today, the oldest business enterprise still operating within the city of Columbia, South Carolina.
The first insurance company formed in London in 1688 at Lloyd’s Coffee House where merchants, ship owners, and underwriters met to transact business. When Parliament passed the first Lloyd'’s Act in 1871, the insurance industry was officially on its way. About this time, 1869 to be precise, The Seibels Bruce Group, Inc began to provide property and casualty insurance products and services in the Southeast United States.
Their goal is to respond quickly to your needs and to handle your claim in a prompt and efficient manner. Their dedicated staff understands that having a loss is a stressful situation. They are committed to settling your claim promptly and accurately so your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.
Commercial programs are built specifically to meet clients' needs and to offer them competitive premiums, flexible options for special coverage needs and broad, no extra-cost extensions of coverage. Seibels Bruce's programs include artisan contractors, churches, convenience stores, retail and wholesale, service and office.
Seibels Bruce maintains a strong commitment to the independent agency system. Innovative, customer driven products and services set Seibels Bruce apart from other insurance companies. In addition to receiving the benefits of their experienced, staff and their commitment to excellent customer service, your agency can also take advantage of their competitive commission rate and profit-sharing plan.
The Company offers a competitive, easy to use homeowners program designed to protect your home and personal assets against a wide variety of damages. Seibels Bruce understands the importance of protecting your vital means of transportation and highly valued asset. They can tailor an automobile policy to provide liability, property and injury protections that are right for you and your family. 

Building on an inheritance of providing insurance products and related services since 1869, the company seeks to develop long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with its customers by committing to quality customer service; enhancing customer relationships and loyalty; blending industry experience with the latest technological advances; fostering creativity and innovation and valuing each other while adhering to the highest standards of integrity.

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