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Medical Mutual Insurance Company of Maine

Medical Mutual is a medical professional liability insurer that provides liability protection to physicians, surgeons, hospitals and other health care entities in Maine.
The Company believes that their first responsibility is to those skilled and caring physicians and hospitals in Northern New England who are our policyholders. They are committed to protecting their financial integrity, their assets, and their reputation. In meeting their needs, everything they do must be of high quality, and be carried out with respect and according to a high ethical standard. They will offer experienced support and guidance in the event of a claim, and a vigorous defense of every non-meritorious claim. The Company will provide information and advice to enhance patient safety and thereby minimize the likelihood of a claim.
They believe that their responsibility also extends to the community, and specifically to those who are truly medically injured; timely provision for medical care and family needs in the event of an undisputed medical injury is a critical element of fair compensation. They will provide leadership in improving the quality and accessibility of health care through their support of both educational and legislative initiatives.
Medical Mutual has a reputation in the industry and among the plaintiffs' bar as a tough, but fair company that always acts in the best interests of its insured’s. As stewards of Medical Mutual, they have a responsibility to see that the company remains strong in order to provide a reliable and fairly priced source of insurance for their policyholders, now and in the future.
Their record speaks for itself 80 percent of claims close with no indemnity paid, 90 percent success rate at trial, early resolution of meritorious claims, A highly loyal client base with a clear sense of self determination as a result of their participation in Medical Mutual’s team claims philosophy.
Medical professional liability coverage continues to be the primary product offered by Medical Mutual. Other coverages, as outlined below, have been developed to more fully meet the requirements of their insured members. These coverages were developed to minimize potential gaps in protection and to eliminate costly confusion relative to responsibility for payment of claims.

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