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Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company was formed under the auspices of the Medical Society of the State of New York in 1975, when the state's medical community faced a professional liability insurance crisis of availability.
For many years, the New York medical malpractice insurance market had been primarily served by Employers Insurance of Wausau, the carrier endorsed by MSSNY. In late 1973, Employers announced that, because of heavy loss experience, it planned to withdraw from the medical mapractice market.
Although Argonaut Insurance Company assumed the risk, thereby averting an even more catastrophic situation, Argonaut requested and received a 93.5 percent rate increase effective July 1974. Clearly, this once relatively stable area of risk was becoming less profitable and, therefore, less and less attractive to commercial carriers. When, in October 1974, Argonaut again applied for an immediate rate increase of 197 percent, State Medical Society officials knew that something had to be done, and swiftly. Premium rate hikes of that magnitude signaled only one thing that profitability was questionable once again and a withdrawal of all commercial insurers from the market seemed imminent. The financial security of approximately 20,000 physicians was at stake.
MLMIC's knowledgeable attorneys, with the law firm Fager & Amsler, are available to policyholders through their Legal Hotline. MLMIC counsel also provide a wide range of legal services, including, but not limited to, advisory opinions; liability litigation activities; lecture programs; consulting services; and legal audits and assessments.
The Policyholder Services Department assists MLMIC insureds by answering basic underwriting questions; mailing and tracking applications for insurance; and providing claims histories and Certificates of Insurance upon request. If you belong to a group that currently pays for its members' professional liability insurance and wishes to join MLMIC's Group Billing Program, our Policyholder and Group Services Department will help your group enroll in the program. 
Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company has endorsed Scott Danahy Naylon Insurance Brokerage to provide high quality supplementary insurance products which will benefit their valued policyholders. They feel that their resources in the areas of Personal Lines, Life, and Health Benefits will provide you with unique coverage ideas at a competitive price. 

MLMIC's investments have always been prudent and conservative, earning income which has been cited for its consistently high rate of return. This stable investment revenue is factored into MLMIC's premium calculations. By discounting premiums, based on anticipated investment income, MLMIC is able to achieve lower rates than would otherwise be possible.

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