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Republic Western

Republic Western offers speciality insurance for personal, commercial and reinsurance markets. The firm is a Phoenix, Arizona based property and casualty insurance company. They were incorporated in 1973 and are a wholly owned subsidiary of AMERCO.
Their Insurance Company began operations in March of 1973. The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMERCO, whose other major subsidiaries include U-Haul International, Oxford Life Insurance Company and AMERCO Real Estate Company. Initially, Repwest provided AMERCO with a network of professional claims handling personnel throughout the United States and Canada.
Their expertise personnel proved a strong tool in effective management and control over the cost of risk associated with company operations. Additionally, it provided valuable in house knowledge to successfully participate in the reinsurance market. They grew steadily throughout the 1970's and 1980's expanding into other insurance opportunities in commercial and personal property and casualty business.
Currently, they operate in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Through their relationship with their sister company, U-Haul, They have developed a niche in the self-storage industry. They have been insuring owner and operators and customers for over 15 years.
Their advantages are Competitive Pricing, Long Term Commitment, Professionalism in Building, Strong Partnerships, Deal Directly with Decision Makers, Local Independent Adjusters, Flexible Claim Reporting Procedures, Bilingual Claims Adjusters in some areas, Tailored Product Design and Development, Nationwide Coverage, Flexible Payment Plans and Accident Investigations.
The company has been offering insurance to self storage facility owner and operators for over 10 years. They understand the unique needs of the self storage industry and have developed a program offering you affordable and broad insurance coverage for your assets in the event of a property or liability loss.

They are self-directed and take the initiative to make meaningful contributions to the organization and take responsibility for their actions and career development. They have the skills, experience and ability to adapt to changing job demands, corporate priorities and customer expectations. On behalf of all employees, they look forward to serving your personal insurance needs with a personal touch.

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