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MBIA Inc. is a premier financial guarantee company and a leading provider of investment management products and services. With offices in New York, Denver, San Francisco, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, MBIA services the needs of clients with local solutions around the globe. 
As a leading worldwide financial guarantor, MBIA Insurance Corporation provides triple A credit enhancement for a broad range of securities. The Company Asset Management, LLC provides investment management services for both the public and private sectors. For more than thirty years, the company has been expanding around the world helping clients make more efficient use of capital and diversify sources of low cost funding. They have a financial strength rating of triple A from Moody's, Standard and Poor's, Fitch and Rating and Investment Information Service.
For over a quarter century, they have helped public and private sector entities access the capital they need to ensure their growth and prosperity. They insure financial obligations in the United States and around the world for municipalities, non profit organizations, banks, insurance and finance companies and other private sector entities in the primary and secondary markets.
As the largest worldwide financial guarantor of structured financings in the primary and secondary markets, they provide triple A credit enhancement for a wide variety of asset classes. With offices in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, they established resources around the world providing securitizations and bond insurance for the world's leading specialty finance companies, commercial banks, insurance companies and investment banks.
They offer specialized financial services through its subsidiaries. With over 50 billion dollars in assets under management, the company asset management, LLC provides specialized investment opportunities and a broad range of services to state and local governments, academic institutions and other public and private sector investors to help them meet their investment objectives and mitigate risk. 

Through MBIA Insurance Corporation and its subsidiaries, the company provides financial guarantees to help public and private sector entities access the capital they need to ensure their growth and prosperity. They guarantee municipal bonds, infrastructure finance issues, structured asset backed and mortgage backed transactions in both the new issue and secondary markets, internationally as well as domestically.

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