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Falvey Cargo Underwriters

Falvey Cargo Underwriters started in 1995; Falvey Cargo Underwriting has enjoyed steady, solid growth. Headquartered in beautiful Oceanside Wakefield, Rhode Island, they maintain relatively small, but highly focused hands on team. This deliberately streamlined structure eliminates the layers that can compromise their responsiveness. It is an approach that benefits brokers and Assureds alike.
They are a full-service cargo insurance solution, focusing, but not limited to, High Technology and Life Science products. Working exclusively through brokers regionally, nationally and globally, they are underwriting managers for Lloyd’s of London, with the authority to settle losses up to $250,000 in house. Additionally, Falvey has full binding authority for up to $20M for any one conveyance or location.
They receive applications from clients who are developing exciting and revolutionary new medical technologies and life-saving pharmaceutical products from the latest innovations in cancer cures, to drugs that enable premature infants to breathe, to state of the art robotic surgical devices.
Falvey Cargo Underwriting is proud to provide seamless coverage against physical loss or damage, because these Life Science products are so vital to the health of this and future generations. They are one of the few companies offering coverage extension for spoilage and deterioration due to delay beyond the control of the Assured. The services they render to their Life Science clients are as time-sensitive as the cargo itself.
FCU is authorized to settle losses up to $250,000 in-house for any one loss. Their Blue Chip Service through their broker at Lloyds handles those claims over that amount. This means large claims are hand delivered and walked through the process, leading to a quick and efficient conclusion.
Insurance is a way to manage risk by providing you with the support to face financial losses due to a tragedy or accident. It involves paying a premium according to the property subjected of insurance and the type of protection you want to give it among other aspects.

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