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Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance

When 23 lumbermen met on January 9, 1905, in Kansas City, Missouri, to pool their resources to provide insurance protection for all at the lowest possible cost, no one could have foretold or even imagined, the progress and growth Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance LUA, would go on to achieve over the next ten decades.
The Companies professional appraisers help you determine the correct amount for which to insure your buildings and equipment. They provide you with a detailed list of your assets to help you settle claims more rapidly and avoid the problems associated with being underinsured if a loss occurs.
The Company’s loss prevention staff will work with you and your staff to prevent and minimize losses through careful planning, thorough training and education and inspection programs. The Company provides a wealth of safety materials to aid your loss prevention efforts including hot work permits, sprinkler system operational guides, information pamphlets, seasonal checklists, safety stickers and signs and more.
The Company’s underwriting alliance understands the critical needs of quickly returning your capital assets to production, minimizing loss of business income, maintaining customers, safeguarding employees livelihoods and protecting the vitality of the entire organization in the event of a loss. They claim personnel emphasize open communication and are dedicated to settling claims in a fast and fair manner.
Reflecting on the decades of success, the employees and subscribers of the Alliance can all be proud of the impact this organization has had over the past 100 years on the Forest Products Industry. With established values of being fair and honest balanced by the drive to offer innovative coverage’s and services, LUA will continue to insure the future for generations to come.

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