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Program BETA

During 2004, BETA Healthcare Group continued to provide California healthcare providers with what most professional liability insurers in California and other states have been unable to deliver; Consistent, high-quality and appropriately priced coverage and service. BHG's success correlates directly with their objective of pricing coverage fairly, establishing appropriate claims reserves and delivering exceptional underwriting, claims and risk management services.

In continuing its goal of keeping rates low while assuring adequate reserves and fund balance for potential growth and adverse claim development, the BETA Council declared a $3.0 million dividend to be allocated to members with good claims experience. This is the eleventh year in a row that member dividends have been declared.

Claims experience continues to be positive although BHG is encountering increased severity similar to other companies in and outside of California. During 2004, BHG members and insured reported 926 new claims. For over two decades, BETA Healthcare Group has consistently offered some of the lowest healthcare professional liability rates in the industry. Their Underwriting & Client Services Department is instrumental in making sure that rates remain stable and actuarially reasonable. Working closely with claims, marketing, and risk management, their Underwriting & Client Services staff analyzes each member's coverage needs, suggests coverage modifications, and benchmarks rates and products against the commercial market. While they follow rigorous actuarial guidelines, as a joint powers authority BHG is able to offer broader coverage and adjust rates to specific exposures more easily than many other professional liability insurers.

On behalf of the BETA Council and the staff of BHG, they want to thank the BETA members and Health Pro-insured’s for their commitment to BHG and for their recognition of the importance of risk management throughout all the covered facilities and medical groups. Together, they will continue to strive to reduce risks to patients, visitors and employees in order to improve patient outcomes, provide a safer environment and decrease costs. They appreciate the loyalty and support of BHG members and insured’s and look forward to serving you for years to come.

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