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Lititz Mutual

May 22, 1888, these same citizens, dedicated to their heritage of Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, adopted by laws on the principles of thrift, integrity and full measure for value received. To the credit of the founders, many of these by laws have never been changed and are just as applicable today as they were over a century ago. The Lititz Mutual Insurance Company, as it is known today, is proud of its agricultural origin and background. From these hardy and prudent principles came the foundation upon which has been built one of the leading mutual insurance companies in Pennsylvania. In terms of policyholder’s surplus, the company is among the largest mutual insurers in America.
The Lititz Mutual Group is made up of four companies including Lititz Mutual Insurance Company, Penn Charter Mutual Insurance Company, Livingston Mutual Insurance Company and Farmers' and Mechanics' Mutual Insurance Company. These companies operate under the same management team, share claims, underwriting and marketing operations, utilize the same distribution network and maintain joint administrative offices and reinsurance agreements.
The Company’s century VIP endorsement is a package of extended coverage that can be added to their homeowner policies of 125,000 dollars and 90,000 dollars if a town home or more. The package broadens your protection at a preferred premium, which means its rate is less than what it would cost to purchase each coverage separately. In today's world million dollar lawsuits are an economic reality. A homeowner's guest slips and falls. A driver loses control, sliding headlong into and oncoming car. A boater is found to have caused another to capsize.
Their purpose is clear to join burnished tradition with the shining vision of the future, to widen and deepen their essential commitment to the underlying principles on which their Company has been established and to build a strong future on the most vital dreams of their past. With this plan, Lititz Mutual policyholders have consistently been provided with a financially strong, well managed Company with responsive service and insurance products that are fairly priced.

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