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In the early 1970s, Louisiana physicians experienced a medical malpractice insurance crisis. Many commercial carriers were reluctant to provide misconduct coverage or would provide it only at very expensive rates. In response to the crisis, leadership of the Louisiana State Medical Society started LAMMICO Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company in August 1981. LAMMICO's first policyholders were insured effective January 1, 1982.

LAMMICO has developed from being an idea in the minds of a progressive group of Louisiana physicians to the company, which now insures more Louisiana health care practitioners than any other medical professional liability insurance company. LAMMICO carries on to be an advocate of health care practitioners in the changing medical marketplace of Louisiana. LAMMICO has changed to better serve the Louisiana health care industry by offering expert liability coverage for groups, and many types of non physician health care providers including CRNAs and podiatrists among others.

LAMMICO provides unmatched service to health care practitioners and access to affordable medical professional liability insurance. Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company is devoted to providing matchless service to health care practitioners. Their services are Consent to Settle Policy Provision, Stellar Claims Handling, Aggressive Legal Defense, Risk Management Education and Advice, Non-Physician Professional Liability Coverage, Premium Financing through Cananwill Inc.

LAMMICO is committed to developing and delivering insurance products and services to Louisiana physicians and to other healthcare providers at the lowest rates consistent with sound operating principles. The company is dedicated to controlling change that benefits the healthcare community and patients. LAMMICO seeks to provide a climate for its employees that facilitate the development of creative solutions to meet the needs of its insured while maintaining the highest standards of principles and social responsibility.

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