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Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company

Kent & Essex Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized on June 13, 1888 and commenced business on July 27, 1888. The company first operated from Romney Township and then out of the home of the manager in Merlin.  Initially, the company was established to insure farm properties against the perils of fire and lightning only. The limit of insurance on buildings was two  thirds of their value. The company operated under the premium note plan whereby every insured signed a premium note amounting to 3 percent of the amount of insurance required.
Policies were written for a three year term and the annual or three year premium allowed the company to hold money in reserve to cover losses. If the losses exceeded the premiums, the company could then call on policyholders for an assessment under their premium notes.
In 1957 the company added Windstorm coverage and by 1970 its portfolio had further expanded to include Machinery Floater, Theft, and Liability coverages among others. In 1982 the company obtained Supplementary Letters Patent to change its name to Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company. The company also changed its underwriting procedures to write all policies on a one-year term.
Kent & Essex Mutual markets the standard government regulated Ontario Automobile Policy. They take pride in underwriting the policy efficiently and competitively. They offer a number of discounts to policyholders based on certain criteria. These discounts are offered through their local sales professionals. 
Kent & Essex Mutual has been offering insurance to the farm owner for over a century. Situated in Kent County, in Southwestern Ontario, they understand the needs of the Ontario farmer and strive to meet their needs and expectations. As in personal property insurance, they tailor a package to meet the specific individual needs of each farm policy they provide.
Kent & Essex Mutual offers personal coverages to those who own a home, contents or that requiring personal liability coverage. They can design the package that best suits your lifestyle and protection requirements. Whether you are a homeowner, condominium owner or a tenant, Kent & Essex Mutual offers a very attractive insurance package to meet your individual needs.
Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company mission is a financially secure Mutual Insurance Company devoted to providing quality insurance products and caring, professional service to their policyholders.

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