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Cornerstone National Insurance Company

Cornerstone National Insurance Company was established in 1996 and commenced writing automobile insurance business in March of 1997. The Company was formed by a group of insurance executives with hundreds of years of combined experience in the business. As Cornerstone grew, they remained loyal to their core principles Service, Loyalty and Sound Financial Management. These principles remain the foundation for everything they do. They offer their policyholders rock solid protection through some of the best independent agents in the business.

In an ongoing effort to provide further value to their customers and shareholders, Cornerstone grew beyond their Missouri borders and began writing in other states. They commenced writing their auto insurance in Arkansas and Oklahoma in early 2000 and have grown steadily in those states ever since. Cornerstone began writing in Florida in 2003 and continues to do so today. In early 2006, the Company began its campaign into Kansas in an effort to provide further opportunities for policyholders in that state. In addition, Cornerstone is a Write Your Own carrier for the National Flood Insurance Program, as well as a carrier for the National Crop Insurance Company.
They have crafted their policies to fit the needs of today's drivers, with a premium structure more versatile than you'll find with most auto insurance companies. Some companies simply accept or reject an applicant based on predetermined underwriting criteria. Their unique structure is built around a merit rating system which takes into consideration the driving record, accident experience, and credit based insurance scores for every applicant. This individualized approach allows for greater flexibility and fairness in the issuance of their policies.
Through their network of experienced independent agents, Cornerstone delivers the highest levels of customer service to its auto policyholders. Furthermore, their insurance brokerage division provides life, health, property and liability coverage for personal and commercial applicants.
They also take pride in providing prompt, courteous claim service.To ensure fair payment in a timely manner for their automobile policyholders, they either assigns claims adjusters from the local area or provide immediate adjustment at their home office in Columbia, Missouri.

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