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Kansas Mutual Insurance Company

Kansas   Mutual   Insurance Company has been committed   since   1895   to providing quality insurance products to Kansas citizens. Working through  the Independent.    Agency System, they pledge to provide prompt policy handling, fast and fair claims service, and to continue to be a strong, sound organization to protect you, they Policyholder,   in   the   21st Century. 
The Company was founded in 1895 under the name of Alliance Cooperative Insurance Company to help Kansas farmers who were faced with unaffordable prices if and when insurance was available to them. Only farm property was covered at first. Then in 1905 a town property department was added. Today, the company continues to actively insure farms, homeowners, rental properties, mobile homes and inland marine policies.
The company moved into its new home office building located at 1435 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, Kansas on March 20, 1966. Just two and a half months before the worst tornado in Kansas history hit Topeka on June 8, 1966. They only use independent agents to help them write insurance in all of the 105 counties in Kansas. As a property and casualty insurance company with its home office in Kansas they feel they are best equipped to properly understand and insure the needs of the citizens of this great state.
Kansas Mutual provides options for almost any type of Homeowner’s need. There are two Homeowners programs available. The Deluxe Homeowners program is for newer dwellings and contains a plethora of special coverage’s all packed into one policy at a very attractive price. The Standard Homeowners program has a niche for almost any type of residence.
From all risk replacement cost policies to actual cash value coverage on lower value dwellings to renters insurance, this program has many options available for a wide variety of needs. Currently they fastest growing line, the mobile homeowners program provides very reasonably price coverage for owner occupied mobile homes. 

This program provides coverage for rental properties, the contents in them, and the liability coverage a landlord needs. A very competitive builder’s risk program is available under this line also. Homeowners and contractors alike have found this to be a quality option for their insurance needs. Kansas Mutual also offers a Business Owners program for some commercial exposures, as well as inland marine coverage’s for special personal property items.

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