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Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company

Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company is a member owned insurance company providing insurance protection for physicians, hospitals, dentists, medical groups, professional associations, and other health care professionals. Medical Service Corporation MSC, a wholly owned subsidiary of KaMMCO, is a leader in medical practice management and consulting services.  MSC’s services are designed to enhance the operational and financial functions in today’s medical environment.
In 1989, KaMMCO was formed to create market competition, stabilize insurance rates and develop a pro health care professional claims philosophy. In 1993, Medical Service Corporation was formed to offer management services to medical practices which would       help optimize revenue, enhance operational efficiency, and allow independent control.
From the beginning, KaMMCO has worked to establish a claims philosophy that aggressively defends members.  With the emergence of managed care, and the existence of the National Practitioner Data Bank, it is more important than ever for health care professionals to protect patients and to defend themselves against allegations of wrongdoing.  By working with members, KaMMCO has established a proven method to assemble a confident and effective defense team.
KaMMCO & MSC is an advocacy organization working closely with the Kansas Medical Society KMS and other professional associations to improve patient care and enhance the practice of medicine. Protection of members is the foundation upon which KaMMCO was constructed. KaMMCO’s ability to provide excellent loss prevention programs and related services has an effect on our already pro member claims process.  MSC’s ability to identify challenges within a practice and recommend workable solutions has provided medical professionals with the tools needed to succeed in today’s changing health care market.
Medical Service Corporation is an advocacy organization created by KaMMCO to help physicians and other health care professionals position themselves for success. Medical Service Corporation offers practice management and consulting services ranging from targeted consultative services to comprehensive assessments and practice management services.
KaMMCO offers a variety of coverages, fostering competition and contesting high malpractice premiums, thus supplying health care professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively compete in today’s health care environment. KaMMCO’s leadership has set new standards for the industry.  An innovative business philosophy, ownership, service, and protection are trademarks of KaMMCO’s coverage.
The mission is to assist health care providers in the management of the professional and business risks encountered in the practice of medicine.

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