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Connecticut Life & Casualty

In 1989, Connecticut Life & Casualty CL&C accomplished the unthinkable. They chartered and licensed the first new property and casualty insurance company in Connecticut in over 110 years. They realized that many of the established insurance companies did not have a program that rewarded safety conscious homeowners with better than average driving records. As a result, they gathered their resources to satisfy a clear and obvious need. They committed to offering careful drivers the most competitive rates and the best service available in Connecticut.
Connecticut Life & Casualty offers among the most competitive automobile and umbrella rates in Connecticut. The Company has saved safety conscious homeowners with a better than average driving record as much as 21percent on their insurance premiums.
Connecticut Life & Casualty offers more than dependable, top notch automobile and umbrella insurance at competitive rates. Through their insurance agency, Connecticut Life  and casualty Insurance, they are pleased to offer you quality, comprehensive protection spanning a wide variety of needs, including homeowner’s coverage, motorcycle and marine insurance, coverage for antique cars and other valuable collections, flood insurance and much more.
At Connecticut Life & Casualty, they pride themselves on being the no pressure, service oriented insurance company. All you need to do is choose one of the following four convenient ways to save buying all auto insurance direct.
At CL&C, their retention rate, the number of customers who renew their automobile and umbrella policies, is 95 percent. This customer loyalty speaks volumes about their value, reliability and service. The Company closes 85 percent of authorized comprehensive and collision damage claim files within 72 hours.

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