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ISBA Mutual Insurance Company

ISBA Mutual Insurance Company marks the seventeenth anniversary in 2005. However, the factors which created their company go back to the early 1950's. At that time, the Illinois State Bar Association became one of the first state bar associations in the United States to sponsor a program of professional liability insurance for its members. The insurance program was offered through a major commercial insurance company. This sponsored program of lawyers professional liability insurance continued for a period of about 35 years with relative stability.
However, in the mid 1980's, lawyers throughout Illinois, including those insured under the ISBA's sponsored program, began experiencing significant premium increases. Many ISBA members received premium increases of approximately 300 percent in a single year, even though they had reported no claims. At that point, the leadership of the Illinois State Bar Association decided that lawyers should consider forming their own insurance company with the objective of bringing stability to the lawyers professional liability insurance market in Illinois.
ISBA Mutual was formed fifteen years ago through the efforts of Illinois lawyers banding together to help one another by establishing their own insurance company. Their company has grown to be one of the most significant providers of lawyer’s malpractice insurance in Illinois. They specialize in professional liability insurance written specifically and exclusively for the needs of Illinois attorneys. It’s their only business.
Seventeen years ago, Illinois attorneys joined together to create ISBA Mutual sparking a revolution in legal malpractice insurance. They specialize in professional liability insurance written specifically and exclusively to meet the needs of Illinois attorneys. It's their only business.A wholly owned subsidiary of ISBA Mutual, ISBA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. offers bonds, issued at very competitive rates, within 24 hours. They provide extremely knowledgeable underwriting with the most experienced and personable underwriters in the business. 
ISBA Mutual is not always the cheapest as other national companies dip into the market and cut rates, only to secure new business without providing service, educational programs, and an underwriting appeals process. ISBA Mutual is the only Illinois professional liability insurance company that is run by and for the benefit of ISBA members. Every member of ISBA Mutual’s Board of Directors is a practicing Illinois lawyer and is an ISBA Mutual policyholder.

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