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Columbia Insurance Group

Their companies have a long and proud history that began in 1874 as a part of the mutual insurance movement that was growing in the Midwest. Faced with few insurance companies willing to insure risks in the new frontier, neighbors banded together to mutually insure each other’s property against the threats of fire and windstorm. Those mutual promises among neighbors created the Home Mutual Insurance Company in 1874 to fill a need for fire insurance on homes in rural Missouri.
Their companies continued to serve their customers through the birth of the twentieth century, persevered through the Great Depression and now carry on their proud heritage into the new millennium.
At Columbia Insurance Group, they offer a wide range of insurance coverage. Financially, they are solid and steady, with an excellent rating by A.M. Best. This simply means that their policyholders can truly depend on them to meet their obligations. After all, insurance is built on trust. From policies for your business, your farm, or your home and car, they have the perfect policy for you. For a closer look at some of their commercial and farm policies.
They are a financially stable company and have been rated as A Excellent by A.M. Best. The Excellent rating is assigned to companies that have a good ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders.
They will seek to maximize their investment return while maintaining their conservative investment philosophy aimed at ensuring their financial stability. They are maintaining the decentralization of their insurance operations to provide them greater responsiveness and accountability to their customers, but they will seek to consolidate business functions that provide them no local competitive advantage in order to achieve greater consistency and efficiencies.
Their claims philosophy is the prompt receipt, adjustment and settlement of all covered claims. Once reported, a claims representative will contact you to explain the claims process, what is expected of you and what you can expect from the claims representative. They are committed to settling your claim promptly and accurately so your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.
Their goal is to respond quickly to your needs and to handle your claim in a prompt and hassle free manner. They will continue to finance their growth through internally generated profits unless a significant opportunity develops that would require additional capital.

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