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Peel Mutual Insurance Company.

The office has always been located in Brampton, Ontario. From its original basis of Peel County, the company has grown to serve a wide area of Central Ontario. Peel Mutual Insurance Company, owned by its policyholders, is committed to providing those owners, through its agents and brokers, with quality insurance products at cost, delivered and serviced by a dedicated staff.
Peel Mutual Insurance Company strives to be a company that is easy to do business with. The goal is to assist their current policyholders and to attract new policyholders.
The County of Peel Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company came into being by special Statute of Upper Canada, following a meeting called on April 28th, 1876 for the purpose of electing directors. Fifteen directors were elected representing the different townships of the County of Peel.
It is believed that the meetings held in the Claireville Hall were joint meetings of interested persons from the Counties of York and Peel, with the intention of forming one company. However, a decision was finally reached to form a company in each county. This is actually what took place, but the York County Farmers' Mutual, after a few years of operation, ceased business and a large number of farmers in that area became policyholders of the Peel County Company.
From that foundation, Peel Mutual Insurance Company has grown to be one of the largest mutual insurance companies in Ontario and is proud to be a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association. Their primary goal has always been to provide financial security through sound insurance products. Their board of directors, today as when they were founded, is policyholders representing your interests. They are proud of their heritage as they progress to the next millennium, stronger for you.

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