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Bush Insurance Agency

Insurance needs in today's world are constantly changing, and Bush Insurance Agents  are there, keeping abreast of the latest trends in the industry, guaranteeing that Bush clients get the most service for their insurance dollars. Their independent agents offer the benefits and services of several companies programs and are uniquely tailored to customer requirements.

Founded in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, by Victor and Hannah Bush, Bush Insurance Agents and Brokers is an independent insurance agency offering a comprehensive selection of protection programs for individuals and businesses. The principle upon which the firm, originally known as Bush Agencies, was built is a simple one First Recognize a client's insurance need, then provide the best possible coverage to meet these needs. Now, a century later, this principle remains the guiding influence behind the company's highly successful client relationships.

Insurance offered are home, auto, recreational vehicles, life, health, disability business, commercial, rental, and workers compensation insurance. Other products offered are Commercial, Personal, Life or Health or Financial and packages etc.
In Homeowners insurance, the mortgage company collects a set amount from you each month in order to protect their investment. This money is put in escrow and covers your insurance and taxes. However, the policy is still yours and you might select the insurance you feel offers the best coverage at the best rates. One other exclusion that can be costly is the Ordinance or Law exclusion. Building codes established by governmental bodies that drive up the cost of rebuilding or repairing after a loss occurs might not be covered by your insurance policy. Property insurance covers your structures and possessions. Personal Liability, as its name implies, means you're legally obligated to pay money to another person for actions caused by you, your family, or your property.

They are self-directed and take the initiative to make meaningful contributions to the organization and take responsibility for their actions and career development. They have the skills, experience and ability to adapt to changing job demands, corporate priorities and customer expectations. On behalf of all employees, they look forward to serving your personal insurance needs with a personal touch.

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