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Brown Agency

Their agency was formed in 1976 and is physically located in the Metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri area, but through the Internet, their business activities have expanded to a number of states throughout the United States.  They operate their business as an Independent Life Insurance Brokerage Agency. This means they are not tied to any individual insurance company and are able to freely choose from among the products of many different insurance companies for use by their clients.
They understand that when you consider purchasing insurance, you want to know something about the people handling your business and the organization behind those people. You want to know if they are competent, if they are knowledgeable and if they will still be there when you have a question or need service in the future. 
They are proud of their agency, their credentials, their experience, the loyalty and trust they have developed with their clients and the respect they have earned from their peers in the insurance industry. There is no simple answer to this question. Life insurance is usually purchased to replace income that would be lost in the event of premature death.
In addition, proceeds can cover a personal or business loan or to pay estate settlement costs, including estate taxes. Also, people use life insurance for other purposes, such as to guarantee educational funds, charitable giving, to provide funds for the care of disabled adult children or for the retirement income of a surviving spouse.
Although there is no substitute for a careful evaluation of the amount of coverage needed, one rule of thumb is to buy life insurance that is equal to a minimum of five to seven times your gross annual income. You will also find a very useful calculator choose the button above this window that helps you determine the amount of your life insurance need.

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