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PartnerRe Ltd. is a leading international reinsurance group. The Company provides multi line reinsurance to insurance companies on a worldwide basis through their principal offices in Bermuda, Greenwich, Paris and Zürich, their branch offices or subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto and Dublin and their representative offices in Mexico, Montreal, Santiago, Seoul and Tokyo.
PartnerRe Ltd. is formed as a specialized catastrophe reinsures which was founded by President & CEO, Herbert Haag. An initial public offering is completed and the Company starts operations, with a total capitalization of about 1 billion dollars. PartnerRe US is established and infused with 328 million dollar of capital, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the U.S. reinsurance market.
As a professional, multi line reinsurer, they’re in the business of accepting risk and they do it intelligently. That’s the circle of success in their industry. Assume the risk, manage it effectively, build a strong balance sheet, and stay around to serve the client again.
They’ve built a strong reputation around the intangibles: transparency, credibility, and professionalism. These, together with a solid financial capability, give them a competitive advantage for the future.
PartnerRe is an intelligent provider of risk assumption products for the global insurance and capital markets. They provide highly valued products and relationships to their clients, deliver appropriate returns to their shareholders and ensure a satisfying work experience for their employees. 

PartnerRe is committed to providing consistent and substantial capacity through disciplined and analytical underwriting. This commitment is supported by careful risk control with emphasis on a conservative ratio of exposure to capital funds, a balanced geographic spread of risks and premiums, and technical underwriting based on proprietary models.

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