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British Columbia Automobile Association

The firm has worked to improve road safety in BC since they started in 1906. BCAA is affiliated with the Canadian Automobile Association and the American Automobile Association, which provide reciprocal services to their members traveling outside of British Columbia and the Yukon.
While the statistics are staggering, the vast majority of crashes are not accidents. They are preventable. So many of these injuries and deaths don’t have to occur. That’s why the firm’s Traffic Safety Foundation is doing something about it. They are proud to be leading the drive to save lives on BC’s roads. Their programs are helping to reduce crashes, deaths and injuries.
Whether it’s promoting driver safety, helping an individual member navigate a government bureaucracy, or commenting on an issue in the media member advocacy is an important role for the British Columbia Automobile Association.
They regularly seek member input on issues that matter to motorists, and takes positions based on majority opinion. They represent motorists  interests to all levels of government, consulting with government officials on legislation, taxation and transportation planning. They help raise awareness of critical issues by providing information and comment to the media. And, together with the non-profit BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation, they promote programs aimed at educating and protecting road users and pedestrians.

They are self-directed and take the initiative to make meaningful contributions to the organization and take responsibility for their actions and career development. They have the skills, experience and ability to adapt to changing job demands, corporate priorities and customer expectations. On behalf of all employees, they look forward to serving your personal insurance needs with a personal touch.

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