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Oxford Mutual Insurance Company

Oxford Mutual Insurance was formed as a result of a merger of two farm mutual insurers in 1973. The roots of these two companies date back to 1878 and are based in the rural Ontario communities of Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin and Perth Counties. The firm has continued to meet those needs with the assistance of the mutually owned Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc., and their mutual insurance trade association, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association. This is one of the most financially secure insurance systems in the world.

Automobile Insurance has higher benefit limits; if you are concerned that the standard Accident Benefit Limits may not be adequate to meet your needs following an automobile accident, increased limits can be purchased. If purchased, protection plus option protects your good driving record if you are at least six years accident free. In the event of your first at fault accident, you keep your accident free rating. Emergency road service coverage reimburses you for towing and emergency service up to 50.00 dollars per emergency.

Their mutual insurance program for your home has comprehensive or limited perils options. This include swimming pools and fixed outdoor equipment, trees, plants, patios, including removal of debris from insured loss, optional guaranteed, replacement cost, Separate coverage for detached garages and sheds.
Home contents and personal property has comprehensive or limited perils options including replacement cost coverage, extensions for property while away from your home and for students' contents, and many more. Other features include protection against fraud for your credit and debit cards and cheques, coverage on the contents of your freezer if it breaks down, cleanup coverage if gas, oil or other pollutant is accidentally spilled on your property. 

Insurance is a way to manage risk by providing you with the support to face financial losses due to a tragedy or accident. It involves paying a premium according to the property subjected of insurance and the type of protection you want to give it among other aspects.

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