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Otsego Mutual

Since their establishment in 1897, they have developed a standing for providing steady, reliable service through their many professional independent agents. Unlike most property and casualty insurers who provide Homeowner’s and Renter’s Insurance simply as an accommodation to their agents, they Specialize in these coverage’s. All of their knowledge is devoted to offering policies that are reasonable, but also complex enough to cover a majority of the needs of homeowners in the New York marketplace. Otsego Mutual is one of only 15 Property and Casualty Insurance Companies to be listed A plus or higher for 50 consecutive years.
Otsego Mutual has provided affordable protection for their insured’s most precious asset which is their home. A majority of homeowners insure their structures for Replacement Cost. They offer this coverage, as well as replacement cost coverage on contents. However, in certain instances, homeowners may prefer to insure to Actual Cash Value.  They can accommodate those insured as well. One example of this is a large, older home in Upstate New York with predictable replacement cost that far exceeds market value. If you own a small home that generates only a small insurance premium, they will not make you carry more insurance than the replacement cost of the dwelling. Your premium is locked in and guaranteed not to increase for three years, unless you make a change that increases the coverage. 

Their Dwelling Program includes all of the features available with their Homeowner’s Program. Added features include flexibility in limiting coverage for Personal Property and for perils insured against. Builder’s Risk policy of Otsego Mutual has the breadth of coverage’s is not as wide as with a Homeowner’s Policy, but since you are insuring the property just preceding to commencement of construction until completion, you’ll pay just 55 percent of finished value premium. They’ll write Builder’s Risk policies for up to one year. All of the above coverage’s are available with different limits of Personal Liability protection.

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