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Bay Colony Insurance Company

For over forty five years they have served the needs of our customers with a dedication to old-fashioned customer service. At the same time, their fully computerized operations, easy to read policies, and use of todays many avenues of communication including the Internet mark them as an organization with an eye on tomorrow.
Depending on your coverage and payment plan you may be eligible for a discount. They keep it in mind every day. Behind each policy they issue, there's a valued customer who deserves attention, courtesy, and respect. Because you're important to them, they've made customer service a top priority.
Most life insurance claims can be processed upon receipt of a claimant's statement completed by the named beneficiaries, and a certified death certificate for the insured. The original insurance contracts should also be returned, if available. Only one death certificate is required regardless of the number of policies or certificates.
If coverage is in force, the death benefit payable is shown on the policy and certificate specification page that is a part of all contracts. Some policies have benefits that vary depending on how long the policy has been in effect when the insured dies. To determine if this is the case, check the amount of time that has passed from the effective date of the policy also referred to as the policy date or issue date to the date of death. The policy specification page will indicate the benefit payable for that duration.
They specialize in offering insurance directly to consumers at affordable prices. The company was a pioneer in designing insurance products to meet the needs of the mature market, and in 1968 became one of the first insurers to offer a guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan, exclusively for people ages 50 and over. While they continue to be a leader in providing affordable insurance coverage for the mature market, they also offer life insurance for people of all ages, starting at age 18. They are proud to be serving the insurance needs of men and women all across America.

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