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Hochheim Prairie Insurance Companies

In 1892, a few people of the Hochheim community near Yoakum, Texas, decided to develop some plan to cover property owners in case of fire and storm losses. In those days, the destruction of your property meant the people of the community would collect money, clothing and anything of value to help their unfortunate neighbor. While this was the true sense of mutuality, it also was charity that something the settlers did not want. They met and decided to systematize a mutual insurance association. From this humble beginning, Hochheim Prairie Insurance Companies have grown to an organization spanning the entire state. The Association has not lost sight of the fierce pioneer spirit which is so much a part of its heritage yet, at the same time, does not dwell on the past, and looks forward to expansion and success.

Hochheim Prairie Farm Mutual Insurance Association is striving to be First in Service to Rural Texans by being the leading provider of property insurance for towns with population under 10,000 in The State of Texas. For over 114 years Hochheim Prairie has provided insurance protection to its members. Through a network of professional, independent agents across the state, Hochheim Prairie offers Texans a wide array of products, coverages, and deductible options from which to choose.

Hochheim can provide coverage on Homes, Manufactured Homes, Personal Automobiles, Farm or Non Dwelling Buildings, Farm Implements, Machinery, Tools, and more. Hochheim also offers you benefits such as 24 hour emergency claim hotline, interactive voice response system, giving you information about your policy anytime via your phone, multiple payment options, discounts, professional agents across the state. Insurance Markets Unlimited represents a variety of insurance carriers offering a broad range of products and coverages. Market and product availability lets agents to provide their customers with superior products and services.

Hochheim Prairie Insurance provides coverage in the small towns and rural areas of Texas. They can also help you find an agent in your area to contact for information about Hochheim Prairie Farm Mutual Insurance Association.

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