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Balboa Life & Casualty

For more than half a century, Balboa Insurance Group has been offering a wide range of insurance programs designed for financial institutions, general agents, independent producers and their customers. Today, the Group is comprised of Balboa Insurance Company, Merit plan Insurance Company, Newport E&S Insurance Company, Newport Insurance Company, Balboa Life Insurance Company and Balboa Life Insurance Company of New York. The companies within Balboa Insurance Group are part of Countrywide Financial Corporation's family of companies.
The Group portfolios of insurance products are based on state of the art technology, designed to add real value to your business. Their integrated business divisions provide premier products focused on building customer loyalty and generating a steady revenue flow on which your business can rely. Client Source, their suite of technology offerings, will simplify, expedite and revolutionize the way you do business.
Their professional nationwide sales team proactively brings you and your customers a complete business solution. Their exceptional customer service practices cover virtually every operational area of their business operations. With the ebb and flow of business more competitive and turbulent then ever before, they will help you navigate the waters.
The risk-based approach addresses important needs in this product line and can offer substantial benefits to both the lender and their borrowers. The traditional approach to lender-placed insurance has followed a one size fits all model, typically charging one insurance premium rate per state regardless of individual property characteristics. Their new risk-based approach uses a set of property criteria to determine premium rates, which could ultimately mean lower costs to borrowers without sacrificing levels of coverage that protect the lender. 

They give their business partners the power of momentum to stay ahead of the competition. To meet the challenges of today and weather the competitive storm tomorrow, it’s important to choose insurance programs that add value to customer relationships, are easy to administer and produce meaningful profits. Accomplishing this requires an insurance partner that combines expertise and financial stability with a long history of success. Balboa Insurance Group is that partner. They invite you to discover what having a committed partner can mean to your insurance programs.

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